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Welcome to the World of Peter E. Abresch and Jim Dandy and the ELDERHOSTEL® Mysteries, mysteries for those who are slowly mellowing into fine wine This page updated on      04/15/09.     Please note the Elderhostel® trademark at the bottom of the page.

New Elderhostel® Mystery
Finally! It's here. Name Games, the latest James P. Dandy Elderhostel® mystery had been published by Create Space, $12.95, a trade paperback. If you want to purchase it right now, without wasting words, go to [ Purchase Name Games]. Or send the price of the book, plus $2.50 for postage, ($15.45 total) to me at Sidewalk Books, Box 548, Prince Frederick, MD 20678. But you can click on the book cover if you'd like to try on the first chapter before purchasing the book. If I sell enough of these guys, I'll go to work on the next one, sailing on Puget Sound. Finally, go out to [White Water Rafting Elderhostel] if you'd like to see PHOTOS on which Name Games is based.
    Want to know what this book is about? Click on that audio thing below and you will hear my sweet voice--well, maybe not so sweet.
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New Mystery Thrillers
I have some stand-alone new mystery/thrillers available, fast paced, heavy on humor with a sprinkling of romance, that takes place in and around Washington, D.C. One should be published in the next in September of this year 08, and the second in October 08. Please click on the Capitol Coven book cover to check them out.
    SPIRITUAL POEMS. I also have some of my spiritual poems that I oput every Monday morning there. Click on the Capitol Coven cover to check these out as well.

Special New Price on Books
I've come into some extra copies of my books my Elderhostel® mysteries. Please click on my mug shot to check these guys out. I'm selling these hard cover copies for $8, or the set of four books for $25 while they last. Of course at this price I have to charge for mailing, $2.50 per book, or $7 for all four.

    ELDERHOSTEL COORDINATORS COMMENTS: If you'd like to go out and see what Elderhostel Coordinators say about Jim Dandy and his ladylove, Dodee Swisher, click [right here]. BTW, Painted Lady made the IMBA BEST SELLER for 6/04, which put a smile on my face.

    For those looking for the BookMarc, discussions on fiction writing, or to learn more about my non-fiction book on writing, Easy Reading Writing, easy reading about writing easy reading, click on the book cover and it will take you there.

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