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Easy Reading Is Damn Hard Writing.

      That's a quote from Nathaniel Hawthorne. Or maybe Maya Angelou. Or Robert Louis Stevenson. Or Robert Seeley, or Robert Burns, or William Zinsser, or a number of other possibilities.

      Needless to say, I've yet to pin it down, but I believe it to be absolutely true. I invite you to judge for yourself by clicking on the Easy Reading Writing cover. You'll find a couple of chapters out there to help you decide if you want to purchase the book buy the book plus an easy order link.

      A click on the BookMarc © logo will take you to BookMarc, adventures in fiction writing, a series of free articles and discussions on fiction writing techniques.

New Mystery Thrillers
I have some stand-alone new mystery/thrillers available, fast paced, heavy on humor with a sprinkling of romance, that takes place in and around Washington, D.C. One should be published in the next in September of this year 08, and the second in October 08. Please click on the Capitol Coven book cover to check them out.
    SPIRITUAL POEMS. I also have some of my spiritual poems that I oput every Monday morning there. Click on the Capitol Coven cover to check these out as well.

      Finally, a click on the Painted Lady book cover will link you to Elderhostelmysteries.com and the scoop on the Elderhostel® Mystery series. Please see note on Elderhostel® trademark at bottom.

    Elderhostel® is a federally registered trademark of Elderhostel, Inc.   [Elderhostel Inc.] has granted the Author permission to use its trademark solely for use in these fictional publications having an Elderhostel setting.