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    Word Spinner
With Your help
I can spin words
into gold,
weld word chains
strong enough
to drag mountains to the sea,
plant word gardens so real
birds sing and flowers bloom
and jasmine floats on the air.
Without Your touch,
I cannot even
say my name.
                        Peter E. Abresch
                      July 14, 1998

Welcome to my homepage! If you'd like to check out my Biography, it's short, and probably boring, click on my photo. Otherwise, click on one of the below logos, Easy Reading Writing for a blurb and a chapter, or BookMarc for discussions on fiction writing, or view announcements and links further down.
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[Elderhostel Mysteries & Fiction Writing Techniques]
Easy Reading Writing
ISBN: 0-595-27095-6, by Peter E. Abresch
Author's Choice Press

    The problem with books on writing is that they are often difficult to read. Does that sound right? Shouldn't good writing be easy to read? And if we are trying to teach easy-reading writing, shouldn't our books on writing be easy reading? Or at least interesting reading?

    I invite you to browse through these web-pages, not only for Easy Reading Writing, easy reading about writing easy reading, but for the BookMarc © discussions as well. If you have trouble reading anything, hey, click on out of here. It probably means I don't know what I'm talking about.

    Click here [Easy Reading Writing] or on the book cover to view a couple of chapters, some blurbs, the table of contents, and some reader comments ... OR

    [CLICK HERE] and drop down to the second book on Barns and Noble web page to easy order Easy Reading Writing.

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[Elderhostel Mysteries & Fiction Writing Techniques]

[Bookmarc © Logo] Adventures In
Fiction Writing

BookMarc © is a series of discussions, lessons, studies, lectures, dissertations -- wow, really getting fancy now -- precepts, or treatises on fiction writing techniques. Basic stuff like stringing words together, to more complicated stuff later on like the big three -- plotting, characterization, and effective writing -- stuff I wish I had known twenty years ago. I hope it's entertaining as well as educational, an adventure in fiction writing techniques. And what the heck, the price is right. Right?
      I'll try to post them once a week, and hopefully we'll learn together. There used to be an one-block cartoon philosopher in the papers of old, and one of the quotes I remember is, "We grow too old too soon and too smart too late." Perhaps we can grow "too smart" without much more "too late."
      I invite you on this fiction-writing journey, to solve some of the problems of which Hemingway said, "We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master."
      If you feel like it, climb aboard.
          Click on the BookMarc © logo above.

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New Announcements

New Stuff--Updated 10/01/04:

    The latest news is that I just finished teaching (9/04) a class called Fiction Writing for an Elderhostel class in Eastport, Maine, and it went well. No one threw garbage at me. Hoo rah. I've also taught Writing Good Fiction for the Smithsonian Institution and a couple of times at the Maryland Writers Association confrences. In all cases I used my book, Easy Reading Writing as the text. The Elderhostel in Maine, BTW, was great. I taught in the morning and we attended all the afternoon sightseeing with the rest of the Elderhostelers and had a good time.

    Also, Scrivenary Press has gone out of business and I used Mystery Writers of America reprint agreement with iUniverse to bring the book back into print. I'll post the new cover as soon as I get a chance.
    As I say, folks, I think this book will take your fiction writing to a new level. I don't ask you to buy it. My challenge is, flip through a copy and start reading on any page. It if is difficult to read, slip it back on the shelf because it means I don't know what I'm talking about. And if you buy a copy online, if you don't think it's everything I said it was, send it with the proof of purchase and I'll refund at least part of you price, depending upon the condition of the book. Included in the price of the book is a free newsletter that I've discontinued because no one signed up for it. So instead, I'll sign you up to receive BookMarcs which come out much more frequently and, in spite of the copyright of 1998, I update each time with my latest knowledge before I list them.

    Free-lance editors
    I have added some freelance editors to the list I can recommend. Some time ago I put up a list in BookMarc of free-lance editors that were recommended to me for those wishing to have their work edited for corrections and/or critiqued. Since then Dorrie O'Brien, the editor of Write Way Publishing has started doing freelance editing, line editing and critiquing. I can recommend her for she has edited all my Elderhostel mysteries and has done a great job. For those wishing to have things pointed out in their own writing, like passive sentences, cliches, characterization, plot recommendation, whatever, an edit of this type can be worth its weight in gold. I have also added the name of Nancy Campbell who I can also recommend. She has done proof reading work for me and she does editing as well. As with all freelance editors, make sure you get in writing exactly what you are going to pay and exactly what you are going to get for what you pay. And never submit anything to a freelance editor that is not your absolute best work. You can e-mail Dorrie O'Brien at: dorrie@peakpeak.com ; and you can reach Nancy Campbell at: campbell@chesapeake.net Good hunting.

    My latest Elderhostel® Mystery, Painted Lady, is now in publication by Intrigue Press. You can check out the Elderhostel® Mysteries and a special gift offer by clicking here: [PAINTED LADY];

    Elderhostel is a federally registered trademark of Elderhostel, Inc.     Elderhostel, Inc. has granted the Author permission to use its trademark solely for use in these web pages and in the fictional publications having an Elderhostel setting.

    As a note of interest, I'm a member of the executive board for the newly accredited Mid-Atlantic Chapter of Mystery Writers of America, which includes the area between Baltimore and Richmond. If you are a member of MWA in this area, may I suggest you contact NoreenWald@aol.com for more information on this new chapter. For more information on the national organization, click on the link below for Mystery Writers of America.

    Think that's it for now.

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