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 What is an Elderhostel?

This page updated 6/08/04

    All the Jim Dandy ELDERHOSTEL Mysteries take place on an ELDERHOSTEL. In them I try to incorporate some of the things I have learned on ELDERHOSTELS and give the flavor of what they are like as well. But, of course, the delicious murders I find there are strictly out of my mind. Hmm, don't know if I like that phrase. On all the ELDERHOSTELS I have attended I have found nothing but fun, camaraderie, and adventurous spirits.

    So what is an ELDERHOSTEL?
        A cure for the Elder Couch Potato.

    ELDERHOSTEL INC. is a non-profit organization located in Boston, Massachusetts, who sponsor worldwide learning adventures for those who have mellowed into fine wine. It is an opportunity to increase the wisdom that accumulates with the passing seasons, and keep the juices of themind flowing, at very reasonable prices, one of the perks of passing fifty-five.

    Want to fool around with water colors? You can do that in Texas and Oregon. How about the history of the Civil War? Try Illinois and Georgia. Pottery your interest? North Carolina and Arizona.

    Need something more adventurous, say dog sledding, snowshoe hiking, and igloo building? Two ladies did that in Banff, Alberta, Canada, but, of course, they were only 62 and 78 years old. There's sailing out of Boston and New York, a tall ship on the West Coast, bike riding in France and England, and studies aboard barges in the low countries. There's programs on all the continents and in most countries.

    I mentioned reasonable. One man I met on an ELDERHOSTEL wanted to go visit Cheyenne, Wyoming, but when he found out what his one week hotel stay would cost him, he looked up Wyoming inthe ELDERHOSTEL catalogue and signed up for Wyoming's Dance Traditions and went 2/3 the hotel price which included all his meals, instant new friends, and some fun dance traditions thrown in to--forgive me--to boot.

    For $495 each, my wife and I took a Hiking and White Water Rafting Elderhostel at the Mountain Learning Center in North Carolina, including all meals and equipment for five nights in June 03. This trip is the basis for the book I just finished, Name Games, due out, I hope, in 05. Right now we a re planning an Elderhostel in Washington State which will cost us $595 for five nights, everything included, this fall, 04. Transportation, BTW, is not included, unless you take one of the overseas Elderhostels.

    If you would like to know more about ELDERHOSTEL, check outthe links below.

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